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Don’t Fall for Tricks   Beware of SCAMS

Fraudster: I’ve got tricks to get your money
Fraudster: Your parcel contains prohibited articles. You’ve broken the law!
Super: Telephone Deception
Fraudster: Can you help me buy a virtual points card?
Super: Social Media Deception
Fraudster: Take off your clothes now.
Mimi Chu: Gosh!
Super: “Naked Chat” Blackmail
Mimi Chu: I have revealed your tricks.
Your tricks are just scams!
Mimi Chu : Stay alert! Verify suspicious calls
Super: Verify Caller’s Identity
Mimi Chu: Set proper passwords and change them regularly
Super: Change Passwords Regularly
Mimi Chu: Don’t click on unknown attachments or links
Super: Don’t Click on Unknown Attachments or Links
Mimi Chu: Be vigilant when making friends online. Reject unreasonable requests
Super: Be Vigilant Online
Mimi Chu: Call the Police to report scams
End Super: Don’t Fall for Tricks   Beware of SCAMS
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