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Planning and Land Development (1)

Mum: I want a bigger living space
Dad: I want to go to work
Female student: and go to school with convenient transportation
Female (1): I want more community facilities
Youngster: I want an affordable place for my start-up
Female (2): I want comprehensive urban planning
MVO: You have your say. We look for solutions
The Government's multi-pronged approach to
planning and land development
Super: Potential supply of residential flats
93,000 units
MVO: is delivering results
Super: Rezoning 200 sites
for 250,000 flats
MVO: We make good use of the developed land
and make new land available to increase supply
Super: New Development Areas and New Town Extension
200,000 more residential units
140 hectares of new land for economic development
240,000 new jobs
MVO: to meet the needs of everyone
and bring benefits to the community
Planning Today for Tomorrow
Super: Planning and Land Development Planning Today for Tomorrow
HKSAR emblem Development Bureau
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