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Think twice before prepaying

Sales person: Buy pre-paid coupons for one year, 40% off!
Girl (left): What a bargain!
Girl (right): But what if you can’t get what you’ve paid for?
Sales person: Okay, I’ll throw in a free gift!
Girl (left): So cute!
Girl (right): You’ve got classes on Mondays, badminton games on Tuesdays
and on Wednesdays ... When will you use the coupons?
Girl (left): Over a period of time, of course ...
Girl (right): What if something goes wrong? The coupons cost so much!
Sales person: It’s simple. Just pay by instalments with your credit card!
Girl (left): Yes, use your credit card!
Girl (right): But the monthly instalments are still quite high. Can you manage?
Girl: I’d better think about it and decide later ...
VO: Think Twice Before Pre-paying
Super: Think Twice Before Pre-paying
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