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Driving attentively and pedestrians’ attentive use of roads (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: The scene begins with a private car moving along the road
The male driver is sending messages
with his mobile phone while driving
It then shows the content of his messages
on the road surface
“U free tmr? ” “PM OK” “Great! Let’s meet!”
Male narrator : The road is not for text messaging
Description of visuals : The scene changes
A girl and her younger brother appear
The girl is browsing a social networking website
with her mobile phone while crossing the road
Male narrator : Nor for social networking
Description of visuals : Her conversation with a friend
on the social networking website
appears on the road surface
“Lucas: Vacation again?”
“May: Only for a few days!”
“Lucas: Short break is good!”
“May: Better than nothing!”
“Lucas: I want a souvenir!”
Male narrator : And of course, not for mobile games
Description of visuals : Her younger brother is playing a game with his tablet computer
while walking on the pedestrian road
The road surface shows the game screen and scoring
Description of visuals : The sister stops, turns back and talks to her brother
Description of visuals : The elder sister says
“Hey, you shouldn’t play mobile games when you’re walking”
Elder sister
(in Cantonese):
Hey, you shouldn’t play mobile games while you’re walking
Description of visuals : The younger brother says
“Then why are you playing with your phone?”
Younger brother
(in Cantonese) :
Then why are you playing with your phone?
Description of visuals : The elder sister says
“Because I’m an adult. Now let’s go!”
Elder sister
(in Cantonese) :
Because I’m an adult. Now let’s go!
Description of visuals : The scene changes
The male private car driver is still texting while driving
Male narrator : Drivers and pedestrians using their mobile phones or tablets are risking their lives
Description of visuals : The scene changes
The pedestrian light shows that the “red man” signal is on
The sister continues tapping her mobile phone
and starts crossing the road
The car hits her at a high speed
A pedestrian who is waiting to cross the road looks shocked
Description of visuals : The sister’s mobile phone lands on the road
and the screen smashes
The broken screen still displays the social networking website
Description of visuals : The brother, who is standing on the roadside
is shown clutching his tablet computer and looking horrified
The driver is shown staring in panic
Male narrator : No distractions! Pay attention to the road ahead
Description of visuals : “No distractions!
Drivers and pedestrians should pay attention
to the road ahead”
appears on the screen with the Road Safety Council
and the Road Safety symbol
A broken mobile phone screen appears as background
It flashes a few times then the screen turns black The video ends
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