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Let’s give our children the best Support sustained breastfeeding (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals: The husband and his pregnant wife are visiting the doctor
Husband : From early pregnancy the doctor encouraged us to exclusively breastfeed our baby until she’s about 6 months
Description of visuals : The wife is breastfeeding on the bed
Husband : Breastfeeding benefits the health of mother and baby
Of course our family is giving full support
Description of visuals : Parents-in-law are cooking in the kitchen and setting the table
Husband : And the baby will be smarter too
Description of visuals : The wife is holding her baby on the sofa and smiling to her mother-in-law to show gratitude
Husband : I'm certainly supporting it
Description of visuals : At midnight, the husband is diapering his baby and holding the baby afterwards
The husband is carrying the baby to his wife who is sitting on the bed
Sustained breastfeeding also strengthens mother-child bonding
The wife is playing happily with her baby in the morning
Husband : We support you to continue breastfeeding as long as you wish
Description of visuals : The shot shows the husband and parents-in-law are smiling to the camera to show support
The shot shows the slogan "Let's give our children the best Support sustained breastfeeding" The website is
The final shot shows the wife facing the camera with the baby and smiling to show gratitude
Wife : Thank you
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