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Take Precautions Against Cyber Attacks

Super (on mobile phone screen): Please enter your personal data to get $1 million!
Man A: Enter personal data to win $1 million?
MVO: But your data might be stolen
Super: Theft of personal data
Man A: I mustn’t use my data so casually
Woman: I use the same password for all my accounts
MVO: But then all your accounts can easily be hacked
Super: Online identity theft
Woman: It’s safer to use different passwords
Man B: Free software? I’ll download them all
MVO: But then your data may be stolen
Super: Data stolen
Man B: Downloading from a verified official channel is more reliable
MVO: For more tips, visit “Cyber Security Information Portal”
Super: Take Precautions Against Cyber Attacks
Cyber Security Information Portal
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
Web Accessibility Conformance