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Intellectual Property Trading Services 2015

All: Cheers!
Lenna Yeung: Congratulations on the success of your invention
Male friend: Thank you!
Max Cheung: Wait, is your product’s intellectual property protected? If not,  
your interests may be affected
Male friend: What?
Lenna Yeung: You should apply for the Intellectual Property Department’s Intellectual Property Consultation Service
SUPER: Intellectual Property Consultation Service
Lenna Yeung: and consult the legal professionals!
One-on-one Service
Max Cheung: The department has also launched the Intellectual Property
Manager Scheme and provides relevant training
to help small and medium-sized enterprises increase their competitiveness
SUPER: Intellectual Property Manager Scheme
Max Cheung: You should appoint a staff member from management to join
Lenna Yeung: This website contains lots of information on intellectual property trading too!
SUPER: Intellectual Property Trading
Business Opportunities are Everywhere
Intellectual Property Department
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