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Be Careful When Buying Food Online   Stay Aware of the Potential Risks

MVO: Are you really going to eat that?
It’s convenient to buy food online
but do you know what you're eating?
Is the food perishable and ready-to-eat?
Is it handled and delivered with proper temperature control?
Super: Food Order Online shop
Transportation Temperature Storage
MVO: Does the online shop have relevant licences or permits?
Is it a registered food importer?
Super: Information
Do you have a licence to sell chilled meat?
MVO: Make sure you know what you're eating!
Be careful when buying food online
Stay aware of the potential risks.
Super: Be Careful When Buying Food Online  
Stay Aware of the Potential Risks
Hotline: 2868 0000
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
Web Accessibility Conformance