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2017: Make it happen!

Elderly man: Having discussed for so long, we can finally get it
Tea stall owner: One person, one vote to elect the Chief Executive
Young mother: We really want to vote
Young man: We can move forward
Of course we shouldn’t stand still
Male and female members of a young musician group: We can have a say in Hong Kong’s future
Artist: We really want to vote to elect the Chief Executive
Secretary for Justice Mr Rimsky Yuen: A regime of universal suffrage that complies with the Basic Law
Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Mr Raymond Tam: Five million voters electing the Chief Executive for the first time
Chief Secretary for Administration Mrs Carrie Lam : For our future, cherish this opportunity
Please support the universal suffrage proposal
MVO: 2017: Make it happen!
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
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