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Employers and helpers respect each other and observe obligations

Domestic helper: Thank you very much, ma’am
Female employer: Thank you very much too
You’ve contributed a lot to our family over the years
Super: Weekly rest day
Statutory holidays
Female employer: When you return from home leave after renewal of contract
Super: Return air tickets
No withholding of passport
Female employer : you always do your part well
Super: Annual leave Insurance
Female employer: I also do my part by paying your full wages on time
Super: Pay full wages on time
Female employer: Take care!
Domestic helper: You too!
English MVO: Employers and foreign domestic helpers should build a good and long-lasting relationship
This can only be achieved
when both sides respect each other
and take their obligations seriously
Super: Employers and Helpers
Respect Each Other and Observe Obligations
Labour Department hotline: 2717 1771
Labour Department
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