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Beware of Employment Scams Be a Cautious Job Seeker

Female teenager A: I saw a job ad on the Internet
I'd get paid if I allow the company to use my bank account
Super: Bank Account
Male teenager A: Did you go for it?
Female teenager A: Of course not!
Male teenager A: I was once told to pay registration and training fees before getting hired
Super: Training Fees
Registration Fees
Male teenager B: Sounds fishy!
Male teenager A: Exactly!
I’m safe!
Female teenager B: What a narrow escape!
Male teenager B: Some companies even set you up with dubious contracts
Super: Employment Contract
Female teenager B: We need to be realistic when seeking jobs
Male teenager B: Beware of well-paid jobs that require no qualifications and little experience!
Male teenager C: If you run into employment scams ...
get help from the Labour Department or the Police!
Super: Beware of Employment Scams
Be a Cautious Job Seeker
Labour Department
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