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Emergency Preparedness for Landslide Disasters

News VO: Extreme weather has caused severe landslides in different parts of the city this morning
Super: Extreme Weather
Super: Severe Landslides
News VO: Residents of affected buildings need to evacuate immediately
The Landslip Warning is now in force. 
Super: Chain of Disasters
News VO: The public should stay away from slopes
VO: Don’t think this kind of disaster only happens in movies
Extreme weather has caused severe landslides around the world in recent years
Super: 2009- Taiwan
2011 - South Korea
2013 - Japan
2013 - The Philippines
VO: If disaster strikes, everyone could be in danger.  Please co-operate with the Government’s emergency response plans
Super: Geotechnical Engineering Office    Civil Engineering and Development Department
Stay alert  Be vigilant  Listen for Landslip Warnings
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