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Three landfills and one incinerator-Dr Chung Shan-shan

Chung Shan Shan: Once there was a sick person who consulted a doctor
Super: Dr Chung Shan-shan
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University
Chung Shan Shan: but the doctor refused to treat him
The doctor said
"You did not take good care of your health
You have got what you deserve"
A similar situation is happening in our waste management crisis right now
Super : Waste Crisis
Chung Shan Shan: The three landfills in Hong Kong will be full in five years’ time
Super: 2015 FULL
2017 FULL
2019 FULL
Chung Shan Shan: The situation is so critical that it's like that of a patient who may die if not treated properly
If Hong Kong really follows public opinion that only recycling and waste reduction can be carried out
Chung Shan Shan: will this mean we have fulfilled our responsibility and achieved sustainable development?
Super: “Let’s prevent Hong Kong from being overwhelmed with rubbish ... "
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