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Three landfills and one incinerator-Bernard Chan

Bernard Chan: Society is discussing three landfills and a modern incinerator that can turn waste into energy
Super: Bernard Chan
Chairman, Council for Sustainable Development
Bernard Chan: Many waste facilities in advanced Asian and European cities can process rubbish  
Super: Denmark
Meets EU emission standards
Minimal dioxin risk
Bernard Chan: turn waste into energy and even become tourist attractions
Super: Japan
Bernard Chan: These facilities were even built close to residential areas.  We can see the many advantages of building such infrastructure
Super: Taipei
Betterment facilities
(Recreation and community facilities, nursery, etc)
Bernard Chan: Every Hong Konger should shoulder the responsibility to deal with the waste we all produced
Building waste processing infrastructure and promoting waste reduction at source need to be implemented in parallel
Super: Modern facilities have come a long way!
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