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Waste infrastructure

VO: To tackle the challenges of waste management in Hong Kong
Super: Construction waste/Municipal solid waste
VO: the Government is making great efforts to promote waste reduction at source
Super: 13,000 tonnes of waste for disposal each day
VO: We have set a target to reduce waste by 40 per cent in ten years
Super: Reduce waste by 40% in 10 years
VO: But, our existing landfills will reach capacity one by one starting from next year
Super: Year 2019: landfills will be full
VO: We need to take action now to maintain sufficient capacity for waste disposal, and we must build modern waste-to-energy facilities at the same time.
Super: Landfills (Extension)/ Modern incinerator (Waste-to-energy )
VO: Waste reduction at source and waste infrastructure are both essential for our future.
Super: Waste reduction at source´╝ĆWaste infrastructure
Super: Urgent! Hong Kong is facing a waste crisis
We need both waste reduction and waste infrastructure
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