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Lift modernisation

Lift Contractor: The lift upgrade is completed!
Male Tenant : Hang on!
Male Tenant: Wow, the doors are more sensitive now!
Female Tenant: And we have CCTV and intercom now!
Lift Contractor: There are other improvements you won’t see
Super: Double brake protection
Unintended car movement protection
Ascending overspeed protection
Mechanical door lock protection
Lift Contractor: With these enhancements
The lift is safer, more comfortable and more reliable!
Super: Safer
More comfortable
More reliable
Chairman: Our old lift is as good as new so we don’t need to install a new one!
Lift Contractor: To modernise your lifts, please contact your registered contractor
Building owners that qualify can apply for government subsidy
Super: Modernisation of aged lifts
Enjoy a safer and more reliable ride
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