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Article 45 of the Basic Law

Secretary for Justice
Mr Rimsky Yuen:
Let’s discuss on the basis of the Basic Law
Boy: What does the Basic Law say about universal suffrage for the Chief Executive Election?
Super: Basic Law
University student 1: First, the Nominating Committee will nominate candidates
Super: Nomination by Nominating Committee
University student 2: Then there will be a “one-person, one-vote” election
Super: One person
One vote
University student 3: Finally, appointment by the Central People’s Government
Super: Appointment by Central People’s Government
Housewife: With such a clear basis …
Super: Clear basis
Bakery shop owner: Let’s base our discussion on this and get it done! Then we can vote for our Chief Executive in 2017!
Super: Let’s get it done!
Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs
Mr Raymond Tam and customers at the bakery:
Yeah! So we can vote!
Super: I can vote
I can vote
I can vote
Chief Secretary for Administration
Mrs Carrie Lam:
Let’s seize the opportunity to achieve universal suffrage!
Super: Seize the opportunity
Super: Let's talk and achieve universal suffrage
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
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