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Anti-drug 2014 (Seek Help Early)

SFX: (Heavy clock ticking sound)
MVO: Why?
Why are you hiding?
Prolonged drug abuse causes more harm
Stop putting it off
Seek help now!
There is a way as long as you want to quit
Call 186 186
Super (messaging): (Help seeker) I want to quit drugs, but I don’t know what to do.
(Reply) Don’t worry. We can help!
MVO: Or message us
Many people and organisations can help!
Super : Teachers Social Workers Friends Parents Family
Treatment Centres Counselling Services Medical Services
SFX : (Heavy clock ticking sound stops. Upbeat clock ticking sound resumes.)
MVO: Don’t hide yourself!
Seek help now!
Stand Firm! Knock Drugs Out!
Super: Stand Firm
186 186
WhatsApp / WeChat
98 186 186
Narcotics Division, Security Bureau
Action Committee Against Narcotics
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