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Proper use of contact lenses

Contact Lenses:

Are you going out? Put me on!

Eye figure A :

But you don't fit me!

Contact Lens :

Don't worry!

Eye figure B :

Why are your eyes so red?

Eye figure A :

They're painful too!

Eye figure B :

Why don't you remove your contact lenses?

Eye figure A :

Can I borrow your coloured contact lenses?

Eye figure C :

Share contact lenses? No way!

Eye figure A :

Help, my eyes can't breathe!

Eye figure B :

Coloured contact lenses are less permeable than non-coloured ones.  That means your eyes are at higher risk of not getting enough oxygen !


The improper use of contact lenses may cause serious damage to your eyes. Consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist if you are considering contact lenses.


Wear Contact Lenses Properly!

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