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Beware of Online Fraud


Ms Chan has asked us to deposit a payment in their company's new bank account?

Computer screen email:

We've changed our company bank account. Please make a deposit to ...

Female :

Ms Chan, have you changed your company bank account?

Ms Chan :

No! We have not!

Swindler :

They have discovered the scam!

Male :

Ka Ming says he's in trouble on his trip and needs $5,000 to meet his urgent needs!

Computer screen email :

I'm on a trip and have lost all my money! Can you please deposit $5,000 into this account…

Male :

Ka Ming, are you on a trip?

Ka Ming :

No, I'm not.


They have foiled this scam too!


When receiving suspicious e-mails, verify the sender's identity to avoid losing any money.

End Super :

Verify Suspicious E-mails
Uncover Online Swindlers

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