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Beware of the touting activities of recovery agents


(Injuries caused by accident)

Male Agent:

We're recovery agents

Female Agent:

We can help you claim compensation for injuries caused by accidents

Male Agent:

We can find a lawyer for you
You won't have to pay
‘No Win, No Fee'!

Female Agent:

If you need money, we can lend it to you!


Don't trust them!
They'll take a share of the compensation that should be mine
that is the fee they'll charge!
Under Hong Kong law, this may constitute
the criminal offence of maintenance or champerty
which can result in a fine and seven years' imprisonment
Let's get help from the relevant government departments or practising lawyers

End Super:

Please get help from:
Relevant Government Departments
Labour Department
(Employees' Compensation Division)
Legal Aid Department  
Social Welfare Department
(Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Section)
Practising lawyers