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No Drugs (Community)


Hong Kong people shouldn't tolerate the drug problem.
Everyone has a duty to safeguard the next generation.

Bar owner:

If I see people taking drugs in my bar, I will report them.


As doctors, we understand the dangers of drug abuse better than anyone. How can we do nothing?

Social worker:

Social workers are at the front line. We'll never let up on our efforts.

Media worker:

The media has a great deal of responsibility. That's why I find my job so meaningful.


Say no to fear
Say no to indifference
Say no to weakness
Say no to pressure
Say no to gangs
Say no to pessimism
Say no to surrender
Say no to guilt
Say no to escapism
Say no to despair
Say no to negativity
Say no to regrets


No drugs No regrets
Not Now.Not Ever

Narcotics Division, Security Bureau
Action Committee Against Narcotics