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Quality Seawater Assurance Scheme

Female: Tonight, I want to eat grouper, razor clams, lobsters and...
Male: Okay, no problem!
Female: There are so many restaurants. How to choose one?
The King of Seafood: Don't worry! Let me, "The King of Seafood", show you!
Female: Oh!
The King of Seafood: This, this, this...and maybe that one!
Male: Wow! He's brilliant
The Queen of Seafood: There's nothing to boast about!
The King of Seafood: Oh, honey...
Male & Female: "The Queen of Seafood"?
The Queen of Seafood: He just looks for this "Quality Seawater Logo" to identify shops that use seawater from a clean source, so it'll be safer for you to consume seafood
Female: I know how to choose now
Voice Over: Let's Support the Quality Seawater Assurance Scheme
Super: Let's Support the Quality Seawater Assurance Scheme
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