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Prevention of Animal Rabies

Voice Over: You don't want to see them suffer from rabies!
This disease is dangerous to dogs and humans.
We must not let it occur in Hong Kong!
  To prevent rabies,
Super: Vaccination against rabies
Voice Over: the best way is to get your dog vaccinated, licensed and microchipped.
Super: Have your dog neutered
Voice Over: Take your dog to a vet for neutering.
Super: Do not smuggle dogs into Hong Kong
Maximum penalty: $50,000 fine and one year's imprisonment
Voice Over: Don't smuggle dogs into Hong Kong
Super: Do not buy pets from hawkers
Voice Over: or buy pets from hawkers.
Super: Do not feed stray dogs
Voice Over: And don't feed stray dogs.
  Do the right thing, prevent rabies.
Super: Do the right thing, prevent rabies
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department