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Healthy Snacks

Teacher: Mrs Chan, did you know that Chan Siu Ming hangs out with some unhealthy friends and it could affect his health!
  (Screen shows Chan Siu Ming and some mascots of unhealthy snacks like soft drink, potato chips and deep-fried fish balls)
Mrs Chan: What can I do?
Teacher: Take it easy. I've introduced some new friends to him. They are all low in sugar, salt and fat. Some of them are even high in fibre!
  (Screen shows Chan Siu Ming stays away from unhealthy snacks and gets along with mascots of healthy snacks including sandwich, low-fat milk, corn, boiled egg and apple.)
Chan Siu Ming & schoolmates: It's so healthy!
Teacher and Mrs Chan: 1 high 3 low snacks
Healthy and tasty
Super: High fibre, Low sugar, Low salt, Low fat
Teacher: There are so many choices!
  (Screen shows many different healthy snacks)
Endsuper: Centre for Health Protection
Hotline: 2833 0111
Department of Health