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Timely Reporting of Work Accidents

Boss: Oh...yes! Yes! Later...
Son: Dad, business is good. When will you hire more staff?
Boss: Later...
Client: Your son is very helpful. When will you retire?
Boss: Later...
Wife: Darling, our part-time helper was burnt by boiling oil. Are we going to report the accident now?
Staff: Later...
Boss: Not later. Now! Employers must notify the Labour Department of any work accidents involving their employees within the statutory time limits, irrespective of compensation liability. Otherwise, a maximum fine of $50,000 could be imposed.
Newspaper Super: Timely Reporting of Work Accidents
Injuries within 14 days
Death within 7 days
Super: Timely reporting of work accidents
safeguards employers and employees
Staff: If you suspect your employer has not reported your work injury, approach the Labour Department for assistance!
Super: Enquiry hotline: 2717 1771