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Cruelty to Animals Carries Penalties

  (Screen shows a dog looking for food at a rear lane)
Voice Over: What crime can an animal commit?
Super:      Charge: Too Old
Voice Over: Too old
  (Screen shows a cat being locked in a cage on roof top)
Super: Charge: Unloved
Voice Over: Unloved
  (Screen shows a stray dog under a flyover)
Super: Charge: Sick
Voice Over: Or sick
  (Screen shows a dog with one of its fore legs bandaged)
Voice Over: What would cause its owner to abandon it on the streets, or even beat and kick it?
Super:      Animals deserve our respect
Voice Over: Animals deserve our respect. Please respect their right to live.
Cruelty to animals carries penalties.
Super: Cruelty to Animals Carries a Maximum Fine of $200,000 and Three Years’ Imprisonment
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department