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Prevent Avian Influenza (Good Hygiene)

(In a classroom, a teacher and her pupils are doing an exercise with some cards printed with colour pictures.)
Teacher: Children, let's play a game
Tell me what you see

(Teacher shows a card with poultry. Pupils raise hands and answer.)
Boys & Girls: Chickens, ducks, birds!

(Teacher changes to another card with a hand.)
Teacher: How about this?
Girl: Don't touch poultry
Wash your hands immediately after touching them!

(Teacher changes to another card with a toilet.)
Boy: Be careful, avoid touching their droppings!

(Teacher changes to another card with a woman.)
Girl: Mum should not touch poultry when she goes to the market!

(Teacher shows the last card with fire.)
Boy: Cook poultry thoroughly before eating!

(Teacher turns a globe on the desk.)
Teacher: Don't forget these no matter where you are!
Boys & Girls: Yes!
Voice-over: Good Hygiene Prevents Avian Flu
Endsuper: Centre for Health Protection
Hotline: 2833 0111
Department of Health
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